Oil&Gas Success Story

GTP Vadu – Black Sea Oil & Gas

The Midia Gas Development project (MGD project) consists of the Ana and Doina gas fields. In terms of facilities, the MGD project consists of 5 production wells (1 well at Doina field and 4 wells at Ana field) a subsea gas production system over the Doina well which is connected through an 18 km pipeline with a new unmanned production platform located over Ana field. A 121 km subsea pipeline ensures the delivery of the gas from Ana platform to the shore where it continues with a 4.1 km underground pipeline to the new GTP. The processed gas is delivered into the NTS operated by Transgaz at the gas metering station to be found within the GTP Vadu.

ENEVO Group was responsible for Electrical systems testing & commissioning, field instrumentation and ICSS system testing & commissioning.