Events / May 14, 2024

GISEC Global 2024 Dubai

SentryOT by ENEVO Cybersecurity, participatated in GISEC Global, the premier gathering for the cybersecurity community worldwide, alongside top global cybersecurity enterprises, CISOs from major corporations across the Middle East, Africa & Asia, government dignitaries, and cyber leaders.

We're grateful for the opportunity we had to learn, share, and explore new ideas. The energy and enthusiasm at GISEC Global have been contagious, fueling our passion for innovation in cybersecurity.

ENEVO Cyber at the International Cyber Expo in Olympia London

We are proud to announce that ENEVO Cyber, one division of ENEVO Group, will be participating in the highly-anticipated International Cyber Expo on September 26-27 at Olympia London.

If you attend the expo, you’ll get an exclusive sneak peek into the outstanding capabilities of subSIEM. This is also a perfect opportunity to network with top-level professionals from various industries, including government officials, CISOs, and our cybersecurity experts. The event will feature a Global Cyber Summit where industry leaders will discuss the latest advancements, emerging threats, and strategies for a secure digital future.

Proud to support our country’s effort towards a more sustainable future

A sustainable country is “a power country”.

For our team at ENEVO Group, a sustainable country is a mission we put all our energy and strengths into. Today we are proud to announce the delivery of yet another 3MWp of photovoltaic rooftop power plants. Time to shine bright!

ENEVO Group participating in NATO’s Locked Shields 2023

ENEVO Group, a leader in energy and cybersecurity, proudly participated in NATO’s Locked Shields 2023 exercise from April 18th to 21st.

This international event, hosted by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) in Tallinn, brought together 3000 experts from 38 allied states. We’re honored that our top specialists were part of Romania’s 130-member team, working together to enhance global cyber resilience.

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