Automation Success Stories

DCS System for Stejaru Hydro Power Plant (210 MW)

The Stejaru Hydro Power Plant is a hydropower development on the Bistrița River, near Bicaz, Romania. The plant has been operational for over 50 years and has a total installed capacity of 210 MW.

The plant has six turbines (four-27.5 MW and two-50 MW turbines) and generates an average of 500 GWh. ENEVO Group was main automation contractor during the plant refurbishment project.

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ENEVO Cloud Solutions

ENEVO Cloud Solutions

ENEVO Group provides solutions for the complete energy management ecosystem: from on-premises utility scale dispatch centers and cloud-based monitoring & control platforms, to mobile apps for PV monitoring and showroom displays.

  • Dispatch Centers
  • iOS & Android PV Monitoring apps
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Cyber Security OT Training Platform

Cyber Security OT Training Platform

Designing three distinct Process Automation Environments for an Oil Refinery, Reverse Osmosis Treatment Plant, and Automation Transfer Switch.

  • Design process automation environments for an Oil Refinery, Reverse Osmosis Treatment Plant, and Automation Transfer Switch.
  • Build a unified platform representing dynamics for all three environments.
  • Conduct a detailed cybersecurity audit for all three automation environments.
Replacement of the critical ESD System Switches with Transmitters

Upgrade of total plant shutdown critical Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) switches with transmitters at AinDar GOSP-2, AinDar GOSP-3, Shedgum GOSP6 in order to improve the safety & reliability of the plant.

  • Design and implementation of the instrumentation      replacement
  • Fabrication & Installation Services
  • Instrumentation Configuration
  • DCS Update
  • TRICONEX system update
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Gogosu Dam Retrofitting

Gogosu Dam Retrofitting

Lead automation contractor for the refurbishment of Gogosu Dam, involving the Automation Solution of 7 radial gates and 2 hydraulic units.

Design and implementation of a comprehensive automation solution.

Configure protection relays and substation design.

Design the communication network for seamless integration.

Incorporate the new system into the existing dispatch infrastructure.

Perform Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT).

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Mireasa Battery Energy Storage

Mireasa Battery Energy Storage

SCADA for the 110/20kV Substation.

Integration of BESS stage 1 (6×4 MWh) components over IEC60870-5 104 protocol.

Integration of wind farm control system.

Integration of Monsson – designed cooling system for BESS including Temperature, pressure and flow transmitters / digital switches.

Development of Joint-Control solution for wind farm and BESS.

PORT VI 110/20kV GIS Substation and Constanta Port Energy Dispatch Center

Design for 110/20kV Substation and the MV Transformer Station across the port facilities.

Protection & SCADA panels & medium voltage protection relays.

Substation SCADA & Dispatch Center.

Integrate within the new dispatch centre of all the 110kV substations PORT III, PORT IV, PORT VI, and the MV Transformer Stations.

Testing & Commissioning for all installations.

230/34,5/13,8kV MSS1 Substation in Hadeed

Complete rehabilitation of the protection & control system for the 230 GIS substation and the medium voltage switchgear in MSS1.

New LCC & protection panels, and replacement of the protection relays for 34.5kV MSS1, 13.8kV MSS1, 13,8 kV DR A/B/C.

New SCADA system based on SICAM PAS and SICAM SCC.

Integration in the main dispatch center based on SIEMENS SPECTRUM.

Design, Installation, Testing & Commissioning.

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