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Protection & SCADA Systems

Integrating primary equipment, control, protection, security and communication for complex applications, requires a reliable, selective and robust system.


ENEVO’s energy team delivers effective, tailored solutions for clients across the power generation, transmission and distribution and renewable energy sectors. The company is owned by our executive staff, who, as hands-on professionals, continue to build their technical expertise. They are heavily involved in team management, staff development and client relationships, with a strong focus on economic viability, constructibility, functionality and sustainability.

We provide world-class engineering, management and specialized technical services to government and private sector clients. ENEVO is committed to sustainable practices, solving environmental challenges and investing in the well-being of present and future generations.

Protection and SCADA System Services


  • Master Planning & Feasibility Studies
  • Protection Coordination Studies
  • Secondary System Design
  • Interfaces with other subsystems
  • Protection tripping matrix interlocking
  • Interfaces, IO list, HMI, IEC list

Advanced Application

  • 61850 Custom Deployments and Standardization
  • Automatic Disturbance Retrieval
  • Transformer Monitoring
  • Software platform for data management
  • Synchrophasors System


  • Onsite support to EPC/end user for appropriate primary equipment wiring to
  • Control & Protection system
  • Control & Protection final configuration and SCADA P2P tests

Panel Design & Production

  • Detailed wiring design
  • Order codes and BOM

FAT and Training

  • Testing functionality in own laboratory prior to FAT
  • Preliminary FAT and FAT with client presence
  • Training of the client


  • Protection relays logic, control system configuration and software development
  • BCU and RTU logic & interlocking
  • Communication and data systems
  • Integration of the Control & Protection Systems
  • HMI screens & reports


  • Retrofit and greenfield installations for power generation, transmission and distribution systems
  • Generator protection
  • Transformer protection
  • Transmission Line protection
  • Bus protection
  • Feeder protection
  • Motor protection
  • Capacitor bank protection
  • Wide area network protection
  • Distributed bay control
  • Digital fault & sequence of event recording
  • Substation automation
  • Air-insulated and GIS station

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