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vfdVariable Frequency Drives (VFD)

VFDs for induction motors use power electronics switching technologies to supply AC power of variable frequencies to motors. This allows direct control of motor speed and improves efficiency.

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pfcPower Factor Correction (PFC)

Improving the power factor means taking the necessary steps to increase the power factor in a defined section of the installation by locally delivering the necessary reactive power so that the value of the current and consequently of the power flowing through the upstream network can be reduced, at the same required output power.

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mc-shmMachine condition & structural Health Monitoring

Machine condition monitoring can help your organization stop unscheduled outages, optimize machine performance, and reduce repair time and maintenance costs.

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ardAutomatic Retriever for Disturbances (ARD)

ENEVO developed a special application designed to automatically gather comtrade files and Event Loggers from protection relays installed in transmission and distribution substations.

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cs2Centralised Surveillance and Communication System (CS2)

CS2, our security system solution covers both physical and network security. Our approach gives plant owners and administrators a global image of the site they are operating and quick response capacity, both locally and remote.

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Communication System (CS2)