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Process Control & Electrical Automation

From automation design and architecture to implementation and to maintenance, industrial process automation has a direct impact on the product quality and cost.

Process Control & Electrical Automation Services


  • Functional design specification
  • System architecture
  • Interfaces with other subsystems
  • Modulating control structures, sequential control
  • Emergency shut down specification
  • HAZOOP studies and SIL analysis
  • Interfaces, IO list, HMI

Production of
DCS cubicles

Panel Design

  • I/O’s layout and assignement
  • Detailed wiring design, X-wiring
  • Order codes and BOM

Hardware and Software FAT and training

  • Testing functionality in own laboratory prior to FAT
  • Preliminary FAT and FAT with client presence
  • Training of the client


  • Control system configuration and software development
  • Advance control applications
  • Communication protocols
  • Integration of the Control & Protection Systems
  • HMI screens & reports


  • Onsite support to EPC/end user for appropriate wiring to Control system
  • Control & Protection final configuration and testing

To track losses in quality and productivity, a company needs to know the whole system from top to bottom, inside out, day in, day out. This level of data aggregation makes accurate and on-time interventions possible. As a solution developer and system integrator, ENEVO Group is recommended by the accomplishments of its applications in a span of several years while providing innovative solutions to technical challenges.

The continuous improvement of machine to machine systems is increasingly becoming the main source of excellence for large and mid-size industrial companies. Energy efficiency, optimization of manufacturing and material handling processes have become priorities with great impact on scrap, lead times and turnover.

ENEVO Group delivers effective, tailored solutions for industries such as oil and gas, food and beverage, steel or water utilities and other industrial related applications for integrated process automation and DCS. We cover also Safety Instruments Systems (SIS) and other safety instrumented applications. The projects executed within our team were based on a wide range of hardware platforms from different suppliers.

Cross-Platform Automation & Optimization



  • Upgrades and migrations
  • Steam turbine control upgrades
  • Combined cycle
  • Process optimization (combustion, electrical, mechanical, petrochemical or environmental)
  • Performance monitoring and advisory solutions
  • Fleet management solutions and integration with ERP systems

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