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SCADA Upgrade of 230/34,5/13,8/0,48 kV Hadeed Main Substation 1

About This Project

MSS 1 is the connection between Saudi Electricity Company and Hadeed Steel Factory, SABIC, with an installed power of 700 MVA, supplying 2 arc furnaces and two casters.

The scope of the project was to integrate new SIEMENS SIPROTEC relays in the existing SCADA SICAM PAS System of the plant. The system consists in one SICAM PAS Computer and 2 HMI’s with PAS CC application. As the old relays were communicating on IEC103 with the previous SINAUT LSA system using a single fibre optic connection, a new fibre optic infrastructure was installed for the new relays.

All the new relays are using redundant FO multimode ports connected in ring with previously installed SIEMENS RSG2100 Switches. The RSTP functionality is activated in relays so one failure in the fiber optic loop will not affect the relay SCADA reporting. Each relay can communicate on first or second optic port depending on the network topology, even if one of the fiber cable is damaged.

Activities performed

– Adding the new SIPRTOEC relays using 61850 protocol in SICAM PAS

– Adding the new points in the Control Center for PAS CC

– Importing the new pxd file in PAS CC for HMI1&2

– Updating screens in HMI1 & 2 (PAS CC)

– Adding the new alarms related to the new protection relays

Control Algorithm, SCADA, Substation