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Harman 7 MW PV Plant

About This Project

Harman project is a 7 MW PV Plant constructed in Brasov county. The plant is built using 20 330 kV Refusol Central Inverters, Enevo designed and implemented a centralized active and reactive control system for the PV Plant, collecting essential data from the inverters and protection relays, allowing the operator to fully control the power delivered in the grid.

The network is based on a fibre optic installed between the cabins and RS485 communication with the inverters. Data acquisition is realized using Phoenix Contact controllers. The plant is fully operational from remote using a secure VPN connection to a O&M Dispatch Facility.

Harman Key Points:

  • 1000 points collected
  • Protocols used: Modbus
  • Equipment used: Phoenix Contact
  • Devices monitored: Refusol Inverters, SMA Inverters, ABB Protection Relays
Control Algorithm, Photovoltaic Plants, SCADA, Solar