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Complete refurbishment of Topolog river MHPPs

About This Project

Transenergo contracted ENEVO Group for full engineering and consultancy services the Refurbishment of the Hidroenergetic development of the Topolog River, section Vadu Frumos-Cepari, consisting of SHPP Vadu Frumos 0,9 MW, SHPP Salatrucu de Sus 0,85 MW, Salatrucu de Jos 1,6 MW, Suici 1,3 MW, Cepari 1,3 MW.

The services consisted of engineering, technical expertise, design, economic analysis, on-site measurements, technical consultancy, hydrologic, geologic and topologic studies, project approval services, on-site technical assistance on all project stages:

– Technical expertise of on-site status of equipment and constructions

– Technical solutions based on geologic, hydrologic and topographic studies for determining the best optima refurbishment solutions for the hydroenergetic development

– High Level Design and Tender Documentation

– Technical consultancy during the constructor selection process

– Project, Execution Details and Technical Documentation for Construction Authorization

– Technical assistance during all the construction phases

– Technical Assistance during SAT and Commissioning

During the Engineering Phase, the current development scheme was reconfigured. The exploitation of the water flow has been optimized in order to improve energy output and cost efficiency. Therefore, the SHPP were reconfigured as follows:

  • SHPP Salatrucu de Jos – 1 Pelton turbine
  • SHPP Salatrucu de Jos – 2 Francis turbines
  • SHPP Cepari – 2 Francis turbines


SHPP Vadu Frumos was decommissioned.

Design, Hydro Engineering, Water