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Alpiq Dispatch Center

About This Project

Alpiq dispatch is the third dispatch center for renewable power plants implemented by Enevo Group and the latest to enter the Romanian market. It is operated by one of the most active providers of energy services in Romania, Alpiq Romindustries, part of the Swiss group Alpiq, and from the beginning it was dimensioned to scale quickly in order to accommodate data gathering from a constantly expanding number of plants. The Sprecon-E RTU and the Sprecon V460 SCADA software that are at the heart of this solution are from Sprecher Automation, a leading Austrian firm in the European automation market. We gather data from the field through Modbus and IEC 104 protocols, send it to the dispatch center via secure VPN connections that we manage, and log it in an SQL Database hosted on a dedicated historian server. Production reports and various other types of information are extracted from the database using our custom built, easy to use data analysis and reporting software. Reports can be generated at a specific time or manually, whenever the dispatcher needs it, and can be send automatically via email to a predefined list of users. From a cyber security standpoint the dispatch is protected by a strong firewall as well as being completely isolated from the client’s main network. We designed the whole system with an autonomy of more than 4 hours, ensured by a 6kW UPS.

Equipment used: Sprecher Automation, Phoenix Contact

Protocols used: IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-104, Modbus, DNP


June 2015-February 2016

Control Algorithm, Dispatch, SCADA, Solar