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Engineering & Consulting

ENEVO offers a complete set of turn-key solutions for power engineering projects.

ENEVO’s engineering team delivers effective, tailored solutions for clients across the power generation, transmission & distribution and manufacturing industries. With each project, our engineers are focused on finding the best possible equilibrium between technical complexity and economic competitiveness. We provide our clients with worldclass engineering, management and other specialized technical services.

We approach each project with a dedicated multi-skilled team of engineers, which maintain their involvement throughout, from the basic design phase to the final commissioning, thus giving the client the comfort of a clear overview and full project control. Each client has its own dedicated Project Manager that will remain in close contact with all the stakeholders — supplier, authorities, client — until the project’s commissioning.


HV and MV Substations

powerWe offer comprehensive design services for high voltage and medium voltage substations and network solutions for electrical utilities up to 400kV. Our services include site or route selection and feasibility studies, basic and detailed design for primary and secondary circuits, SCADA, EMC and EMF assessments and complete multidisciplinary studies on civil, mechanical and structural engineering, FAT and SAT services, as well as commissioning and maintenance.

Power Generation

renewableENEVO Group grew organically into the role of turn-key developer for power generation projects as our team accumulated extensive experience in this type of projects. In renewables, we were involved either in the design, equipment delivery, commissioning, and development of monitoring and control systems for plant projects that add to more than 1 GW of installed power. In hydro electrical developments our team has a cumulated experience of more than 150.000 hours in designing of hydroelectric developments. Our SCADA systems are operational in more than 35 plants, be it wind, solar or hydro power plants. We offer complete services from feasibility studies, equipment selection, basic and detailed design for power plant and grid connection solutions that best fit network topology and characteristics.

Hydro Power Generation

hydroelectricENEVO Hydro is an ENEVO Group subsidiary specialized in engineering and design of hydropower projects and water applications. With its skilled team of engineers totalizing more than 150.000 hours of experience, we are able to competitively offer the full range of services, from initial feasibility studies to commissioning, necessary for a wide range of applications, from Micro-hydro upwards or water supply systems. Complex developments of water flows remain one of the most efficient and clean ways of generating electricity. ENEVO Group is committed to rationally using this resource, balancing the impact such projects can have on nature and the necessities of the economic development. Our expertise includes design and optimization of Greenfield and Brownfield hydro electrical projects, design for industrial water systems and design for irrigation projects. Our team offers full support, from initial screening and feasibility studies, to detailed engineering, construction and commissioning, thus giving our clients the best yields for the water flow’s debit.

Industrial & Municipal Infrastructure

industrialENEVO Group has built a track record of engineering & design of industrial electrical networks, be it automation or energy distribution, for various type of projects, covering industries such as steel, oil & gas, food & beverage or municipal water. Our services are centred on energy efficiency, automation logic and process management systems. Our team can handle greenfield or brownfield investments, upgrades, equipment migrations, as well as electrical and automation network audits.


  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • System engineering, equipment selection, RFQ specifications
  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Electrical Design
  • Substation primary and secondary design
  • Control diagram, protection diagram
  • IFC drawings
  • As-built documentation

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