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Engineering & Design

Together with its partners, ENEVO offers a complete set of competences for engineering and design services.

ENEVO’s energy team delivers effective, tailored solutions for clients across the power generation, transmission and distribution and renewable energy sectors. The company is owned by our executive staff, who, as hands-on professionals, continue to build their technical expertise. They are heavily involved in team management, staff development and client relationships, with a strong focus on economic viability, constructibility, functionality and sustainability.

We provide world-class engineering, management and specialized technical services to government and private sector clients. ENEVO is committed to sustainable practices, solving environmental challenges and investing in the well-being of present and future generations.


Power Transmission & Distribution

powerOur Transmission & Distribution team offers comprehensive design services for transmission lines, cable systems, substations and network solutions for electrical utilities up to 400kV. Services include site or route selection and feasibility studies, basic and detailed design for primary and secondary circuits, SCADA, EMC and EMF assessments and complete multidisciplinary studies on civil, mechanical and structural engineering.

Renewable power

renewableFollowing the international trend in the development of clean energy sources, ENEVO took the role of turn-key developer for renewable projects. In PV plants, our design services cover more than 200 MW. Special attention was given for the control applications and energy quality, where our SCADA systems are operational in more than 20 plants. We offer complete services from the primary renewable source to feasibility study, equipment selection, basic and detailed design for power plant and grid connection.

Hydroelectric developments

hydroelectricHydroelectric potential is harvested by ENEVO Group. Our dedicated department of engineers, with an effective cumulated experience of more than 150.000 hours in design for all the objects of hydroelectric developments, can cover a full range of activities. From refurbishment projects to green-fields, from small hydropower plants to large generators, we supply complete services as general designer.

Industrial & Municipal Infrastructure

industrialBe it waste or process water, balance-of-plant systems, chemical treatment or various energy efficiency projects, our consultants and engineers can be deployed to address our clients’ need.


  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • System engineering, equipment selection, RFQ specifications
  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Technical Projects, Execution Projects and operating manuals
  • SCADA, DCS, PLC – digital systems configuring and commissioning
  • Retrofitting and upgrading programs
  • Structural, civil and mechanical design

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