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ENEVO Group at Innovations of Tomorow

29 May ENEVO Group at Innovations of Tomorow

On 24th of May, ENEVO Group was invited to exhibit at Innovations of Tomorrow – 4th Industrial Revolution.  The company’s innovative products and services are pieces of the puzzle called Industry 4.0 through Industrial Automation, Smart Grid and Cyber Security products and services.

This event was an exploration of the future and the implications it will have on Romania’s development. Topics included automation and its effects, digitalization, Hyperloop, future of genetics, personalized medicine, future of transportation, future of work, robotics, AI or how new business models are changing industries. Organised by the Global Shapers Bucharest Hub in partnership with Hello Tomorrow, this event looked at some of the most important trends and tipping points that come with the fourth industrial revolution: digital, physical, biological and industrial.

ENEVO Group showcased the role that Cyber Security will have in shaping’s the industries of tomorrow. Integration of various industrial processes under the same command and control center, higher levels of automation in factories and higher levels of independent machines are just a few of the causes that make security vital for future systems. Besides this, ENEVO Group presented other innovative solutions in the field of industrial automation, such as multi-vendor command and coby © Ciprian Vlăduț - www.cipane.comntrol systems and VFD products to be used in energy efficiency.

Bucharest Technology Week is a week-long event that brings together all the communities around technology, hardware, software and business. Moreover, the festival has over 60+ partner events throughout Bucharest during this week. It took place between May 22 to 28.

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