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ENEVO Group at Def Camp


16 Nov ENEVO Group at Def Camp

On 9 and 10th of November, in Bucharest, Enevo Group partnered with DefCamp, the most esteemed hacking event of Central and Eastern Europe, to raise awareness on Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems. It was the first time in Europe when a hacking challenge was designed exclusively for ICS.


The hacking contest had 4 challenges: cracking the network shell, accessing the control software of a train network, accessing the control software of a power generation facility (PV plant) and hacking a Variable Frequency Drive pump. All these processes were displayed on an common HMI. These challenges had the purpose of simulating a real-life situation: a railway company that integrates train control systems, power generation facilities and energy efficiency products for O&M such as VFDs for motors. In the end, only one contestant was able to crack down the PLC of one of the challenges, exploiting a known vulnerability of the equipment.

Moreover, Sebastian Pitei, IT Director of ENEVO Group held a Masterclass on Cyber Security in industrial environments, focusing on industries such as Power T&D, Power generation, Oil&gas and FMCG. This masterclass went through the main elements of an industrial system from an ITC and security point of view. Sebastian Pitei talked about industrial control systems, automation protocols, typical ICS architectures, differences between enterprise and industry cyber security. Moreover, he detailed the specifics of an implementing comprehensive cyber security solutions in industrial environments.


About DefCamp
Def Camp is the most important hacking conference on Information Security and Hacking from central and Eastern Europe. The event has taken place annually since 2011 and brings together over 1000 cyber security experts, programmers, students and entrepreneurs.