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Dispatch & Telecom

Timely information about assets’ health and behavior combined with software applications, assist to organize data, implement workflows, streamline processes, improve operation, schedule maintenance and ensure warranty compliance.


ENEVO provides customized dispatch solutions and services for O&M contractors and energy dispatchers. The system allows for full integration of data within the Transmission and/or Distribution Operators, with a dedicated HMI for full control of energy parameters. Our platform raises configurable alarms via E-mail and SMS in order to streamline the maintenance operations across multiple sites without personnel.

We deliver powerful optical networking solutions for critical communication applications such as tele-protection (direct transfer trip, pilot wire, and IEEE C37.94 optical interface to protection relays), substation automation, video surveillance, Ethernet WAN/IP and VOIP.

Being also part of implementation of several transmission routes that link power plants to the national dispatch center, our team has drafted route designs, prepared technical documentations as well as legal and technical consultancy services for our clients. To protect SCADA and Industrial Control Systems from cyber threats and network incidents, we build complex networks using encryption mechanisms to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

We believe Critical Infrastructure Security should come first, that is why we perform thorough risk analysis in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of all connections to the network and how well these connections are protected. ENEVO’s Data Center is located in a highly secure building and is provided with last-generation equipment. This ensures a state of the art protection and security for the Customers data and applications. Physical security measures and permanent control of the environmental conditions are set to eliminate any risk to which our servers or additional equipment could be exposed. The security measures and control of environmental conditions refers to: physical protection, restricted access, 24/7 monitoring–security–maintenance, redundant power supply, environmental sensors and temperature control, redundant communication paths.


Central European Telecommunication Services (CETS), as an ENEVO subsidiary, was founded as the first telecommunication center to comply with the provisions of ANRE Order no. 74 from 27th of October 2013.

We provide the highest level of quality in communication dispatch applications by combining our people’s experience in SCADA Systems across all the energy utilities in Romania and the use of dedicated telecommunication equipment and solutions.

Local Data collection is done by initializing a communication link with the plant’s RTU or the existing power quality meter device (PQM or power analyzer) using an open protocol as Modbus, IEC 104, IEC101.

If RTU/PQM is available, CETS will install a VPN Router Box with 3G connectivity which will provide a direct and secure connection to the Datacenter. The VPN Router Box will poll the data required from the existing RTU or the power quality meter using an open protocol and store it locally. In case of absence of a smart device (RTU or a power quality meter) CETS will mount a new PQM using the existing Voltage and Current Transformer Windings used for metering. The data will be then forwarded to the VPN Router Box and will reach the Datacenter.

Sending the data to the CETS-EDC it is realized by the VPN Router Box using 3G connectivity. The monitoring process will allow retrieving the data on a 15 seconds basis and can be increased if detailed analysis is required. The 3G connectivity with the Datacenter can be done with any network operator and will be decided on site, based on the network coverage. Other Internet connection available on site will be used as back-up to increase the reliability of the system. The Datacenter will store the data locally and daily or weekly reports will be provided by e-mail to the customer. Personalized reports can be developed on request.

The Datacenter is connected to UNO-DEN system via a redundant fiber optic connection. A third communication path is ensured via a 3G connection used only in emergency situation. Connection with other distribution operators can be organized in order to reduce the total integration costs.


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