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Centralised Surveillance and Communication System (CS2)

CS2, our security system solution covers both physical and network security. Our approach gives plant owners and administrators a global image of the site they are operating and quick response capacity, both locally and remote.

Each client has its own risk factors and its own local deployment of equipment on site, meaning each client is different. We provide communication and surveillance solutions custom, depending on the characteristics of each client. What remains unchanged is the redundancy of the communication solution and its protection, the paramount request of every dispatch, plant operator or O&M company.

Our approach identifies risks on 4 categories: SCADA, telecom, surveillance and IT Service Management. Based on these 4 categories we setup a matrix of threats using three layers of maintenance: preventive, condition-based and corrective. This allows us to integrate the system in a well-established framework, no matter what particularities each client has. We ensure the successful integration of the system by using a 4-stage implementation approach. First we audit the existing system, we conduct differential analysis to determine best configuration parameters and then implement and monitor the system.


  • Data¬†integrity, confidentiality and authenticity
  • ISO 27001 compliant
  • Lower intervention costs
  • High production yield
  • High level of physical security