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About Us

About ENEVO Group

After a year of success and continuous growth, measured both in satisfaction of our clients and the strong partnerships we have reached with our suppliers. We are proud to present ENEVO Group as a global organization, with activities on three continents, from Europe to Asia and Australia. Together we have learned the language of global best practices, addressing our clients’ needs by providing the support and the resources they need, whenever and wherever they need them.

We have managed to strengthen our main business units: Engineering and Design, Process Automation and Protection and Control Systems, creating a sustainable brand and harvesting the tremendous potential of our team of expert engineers. We successfully managed and added value to these units through young professionals with outstanding academic and career paths. Moreover, we can tap into international markets and develop transnational projects due to the high level of international expertise our team has, both for experienced professionals and for soon-to-be experts. Be it project development and management, design and engineering, software development or operation and maintenance services, we are eager to tap into new challenges. Our solutions are now available in power generation, in photovoltaic and wind projects, in hydroelectric developments, in power transmission and distribution systems, in steel plants or oil and gas industry.

We activate in a field where the world is tirelessly pushing its technology boundaries, where simplicity, reliability and flexibility became key factors of success for more complex applications and systems. We believe that we have managed to do so by concentrating innovation in every piece of engineering and every system we have delivered. At ENEVO, know-how is the primary resource that leads to continuous innovation and growth.

Today we can follow the entire cycle for any project development: from clients’ need, structuring the appropriate architecture, selecting the best equipment and creating the most feasible technology that leads to a product. Our specially crafted products for control of more than 20 renewable projects, the customized dispatch centers, various applications for energy efficiency and turn-key delivery of grid connection solutions made our team one of the most competitive in power control and energy quality fields.

Our Team

Cristian Pîrvulescu

Chief Executive Officer

Radu Brașoveanu

Chief Technology Officer

Adrian Ciocan

Chief Operations Officer

Florin Ragea

Technical Director

Sebastian Pitei

It&C Director

Murat Ablai

Head of Engineering Department

Tiberiu Anghel

Head of Product Development Department

Alexandru Suditu

IT & Information Security Manager

Rareș Curatu

Head of Embeded Systems Department

Crina Cristescu

Head of Internal Operations, Control & Planning Department
See our services

See our services

Engineering & Design

Protection & SCADA Systems

Process Automation

Dispatch & Telecom

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Discover our products

Discover our products

Variable Frequency Drives

Power Factor Correction

Machine condition & structural Health Monitoring

Automatic Retriever for Disturbances

Centralised Surveillance and Communication System

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